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Leave your old jeans at the door

The 2012 runways where filled with lace, dyed denim, stripes and inspirations from the 70s. This is the perfect season to ditch boring blue jeans and spice things up with vibrant funky fabrics.




Until next time.

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Golden Goddess

They say every thing that shines isn’t gold, but apparently this season it is. Go gold or go home this summer.






Bold strides

We say dare to be BOLD with your foot wear this season. Here is some fierce inspiration for a bolder stride.







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I wish I wish

“I will take one in every color please”


Urban renewal ?

Hi loves,
Tomorrow officially marks the first day of spring. That means it’s time for some spring cleaning. In the land of DDLash, spring is all about cute pastel tops and girly dresses. Here are some new arrivals at Urban Outfitters that I am lusting over. I am definitely going to need these awesome pieces in my spring wardrobe.

Until next time, DDlash






I wish I wish

I am going to dream about these bracelets tonight . Hopefully my dreams become a reality and I wake up with a set of hermes bracelets on my arm 😉 . Happy Monday loves until next time.

Check out hermes if you can’t stop lusting over them ❤

Look at those cheeks

Hi loves,

happy weekend to you all ! 🙂 the work week is over and the weekend is finally here.I started my weekend off with a an afternoon at the spa and some shopping in soho. my favorite thing about shopping in soho is seeing the creative display windows. for some reason today i noticed that most stores display had one thing in common which is DENIM. Denim in different color,wash,and rips. so i couldn’t help myself and i am now obsessed with denim and luckily denim is popular this season. Here some of my favorite jeans from
XXXO -ddlash





i wish i wish

‘if one of my  genie wishes could be granted over the internet , i would wish for bottoms………red bottoms that is’.



Dare to be BOLD

Hi loves ❤

So with spring quickly approaching the days in new york are starting to become longer and warmer . which means time to ditch winter coats and heavy boots. some of the latest trends for the spring are Bold Patters; Coral/ tangerines; neon faded pink, and pastel shades. The current spring trends resemble the beauty in gardens during spring.Be bold and see which trend you like best.

xoxo- ddlash





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Oh, Rainy Day

Hey, bellas!

Let there be RAIN. I hope you ladies didn’t forget your umbrella. Fortunately, it’s just a light sprinkle. I went out without my metallic gold umbrella from Target ($12.99 and the best umbrella I’ve ever owned. Definitely not a $5 NYC street umbrella). My mom always jokes that the “umbrellas pop out of the sidewalks” when it rains here. That’s one great thing about living in New York — there will always be a street vendor there to keep you from getting wet when you forget your umbrella.

I would probably bet a good amount of money that people who live in cities own more umbrellas than people who live in rural or suburban areas. If you don’t want to get stuck waiting inside a Duane Reade or a Starbucks for the rain to stop, you’re going to have to buy an umbrella.

I got home a little bit ago after an adventure for cheap finds at thrift stores in Astoria (ps. the Goodwill there is small but probably the best Goodwill I’ve ever stepped foot in. There were so many finds that were actually worth buying — but I passed and only bought something for a little DIY project I’ll be posting about in the coming week!) and I decided to do a little rain prep and search for a fashionable umbrella. Behold — the BELLA UMBRELLA:

How cute are these? Love the shape, the colors it comes in — especially the b&w! They’re so ladylike  and fun. And there are even more colors on the website,

Want, want, want.

XXO, DDlash

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