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Shadows of Inspiration




Playing with the light on a spring afternoon. Be inspired!

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DIY: Glassware with a Little Mod

Here’s a way to bring some life into your old vases, candle holders or anything you have laying around the house. Behold! Decoupage.

It’s pretty simple, and only requires a few tools.

What you’ll need:
1. Clippings — from magazines, printed out off the computer, old books, etc.
2. Mod Podge Gloss-Lustré-Lustre
3. Paint brushes — any with work, you can use a sponge tip also! Bristly brushes can add a nice texture, too, depending on the effect you’re going for.
4. A vase, jar, canvas, mirror… Etc etc! The list is endless, you just have to use your imagination!

I did this for all of my friends and family during the holidays for Christmas presents and had some really great outcomes.




First, gather up all of your images and have an idea or theme in your head before you start. Cut the pieces in a way that you’ll want to arrange them. I wanted them to have a mosaic like/stained glass feeling so I cut them out and arranged them with spaces.

I also wanted each item to have a personal quote on them that would mean something to the person I was gifting it to.

Paint on a bit of mod podge and start sticking. Once the pieces are arranged, add a layer of mod podge over all the pieces and let it dry. If you find that you put on too much mod podge, wipe it off with a wet paper towel. Don’t rub where the paper is too much tho, that might cause the paper to rip if it is to wet.

I experimented a little by putting gloss all over the already glossy glass. You can either just put it over the collaged paper or you can put it all over the whole vase, jar, etc and give it an interesting texture with a bristly brush.

Any other crafty mod podge ideas? Fill me in! I love to receive creative feedback just as much as I like to give it.

XXO, DDlash

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Bohemian Decor

After living in an eclectic city such as New York City for a while, you start to collect random little things — knick knacks, books, pillows, home decor — and nothing really seems to have the same theme. When you put it all together, however, everything comes together in an eclectic mix and just happens to reveal to friends, guests or visitors exactly who you are. Just by looking at someone’s clothing or the space they live in, you can really tell a lot about them.

I love the mismatched but totally functional decor approach. It’s unique, interesting and inspiring to be in a room with a feel of bohemian chic + 90s + whatever era meets your fancy. The things we collect throughout the years may get outdated but they never fail to be a part of us.

Here’s a little inspiration to make your space all you — unique.





XXO, DDlash

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