Hand Motions

We use our hands for everything — when writing, meeting someone new, exchanging money with a cashier, and so much more. We speak with our hands. It’s super important to take care of them!

It’s obvious and simple but sometimes we don’t even think about the appearance of our nails because we are more focused on how our hair or makeup looks. We totally forget about keeping our hands in tip top shape.

We live in a world where appearance is important. Whether you have a professional office job or you are a sales associate at a retail store, your hands should reflect that you are serious about your profession. If you’re going on an interview, make sure to have fresh clean nails — whether or not you have polish on or not.

I let my hands get spoiled today and went and got a manicure! I usually try to do my own nails because it saves money… But I never clean up my cuticles. Getting your nails done professionally is great to do every now and then. I also picked out a bright color to reflect my mood for spring. It’s called Boat House by Essie.



Take care of those hands! You never know who you’re going to meet.

Xx, DDlash


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