Spring Scents: Favorites

Spring makes me crave being surrounded by the scent of blooming flowers, crashing waves and fresh green grass. It’s finally getting warm here and I’m loving it! However, New York isn’t known for it’s rosy scented streets and miles of green grass… But I’ll let you in on my little secret to make living in New York smell even better than sitting in a bed of roses.

Exhibit A: Fresh Cut Roses from Yankee Candle. It is the most perfect candle I have ever encountered… It might even be better than the Red Velvet Cupcake scented candle I had during Christmas time!


And you can make yourself smell like optimism and energy (according to Sephora’s product bio… Bet you never smelled optimism, but now you can!) My favorite perfume of all time! Dior Addict 2. Mine only has a drop left, must buy a new one!


And on the go! Marc Jacobs LOLA. Perfect for a quick burst of scented beauty. It’s even a roll-on fragrance.


We may not have a ton of green or fresh scented flowers but we have… Sephora, Macy’s, Bergdorf and Bloomingdale’s who have associates that want to spritz us with beauty every day.

XXO, DDlash

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