Not Just Another Fishtail in the Sea

Hey beauties!

I’ve fallen in love with the fishtail braid. My hair is super long right now and I’ve been wanting to change it up but I don’t have the time or money to go get my hair cut in this big ole city. So I’ve resorted to playing with my hair and doing different styles than I normally do (which is down, in a twisty little bun, or with my bangs bobby pinned to the side! So boring.)

There are several ways you can personalize the fishtail braid and make it more unique. This past week I experimented with pinning it up around my head like a headband. What’s even better? The messier it is, the edgier it looks. It looks amazing on tons of different lengths of hair — thick, thin, long, short.

If you want to try this look out, there are tons of youTube tutorials that are incredibly simple.

Here are a some lovely celebs and models rockin’ the fishtail.



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