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Polyvore + Covergirl beauty bar

Hey lashers,

I discovered something magnificent as i was walking out of FIT today! For those of you lovely ladies in the NYC area, Polyvore and Covergirl have a treat in store for you!

Today and tomorrow (Valentines day!), Polyvore Live presented by Covergirl is going to be posted up in front of FIT on 7th ave and 27th street in a spectacular truck with clear windows covered in black and white scribble graffiti! They are offering free lip makeovers with Covergirl LipPerfection (TM)!



If you are around, I’d say it would be a super fun way to make your day less ordinary and a bit more fun — free makeovers? Irresistible. They’ll be on duty from 1pm to 7pm today and 12pm to 6pm tomorrow.

Got a lovely lip color worth sharing? Let me know! I’m still searching for that color that’s going to change my life.

XXO, DDlash


Happy Grammys

20120212-221842.jpg Here’s a glimpse of my hair style for the Grammys. – xxo ddlash

Dear Sunshine,

Dreaming of the sun, beach, and sand between my toes as I cozy up to the heat of the radiator tonight. Come on weather, I want some sun!

Photos via Pinterest; combined with Polyvore.


GAL-entine’s Day

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for the relationship type. Single girls love to love, too! And gal-entines day was born.

I decided that the perfect gal-entines gift to myself would be… Flowers! Also took some empty syrup bottles from a coffee shop (they were just going to be thrown out!) and a mason jar and filled them up with some pinks, oranges, and yellows. They would be perfect for gifting, too! Simple and easy… But full of love. 😉


XXO, DDlash

Ladies Night #4: Up, Up, Up

Happy Thursday!

Let’s use tonight as an opportunity to refresh, rejuvenate and relax. Life is in full swing and we need a little break to rediscover what our priorities are! Maybe even discover some amazing music… like The Givers. Here’s to some amazing individuals who dropped it all to do what they love — and are pretty stellar at it, too.

You’re gon’ find your way, find your way to be
Yea you’re gonna get yourself a line with your own spine
You’ll get it free, you’ll get it free


Not Just Another Fishtail in the Sea

Hey beauties!

I’ve fallen in love with the fishtail braid. My hair is super long right now and I’ve been wanting to change it up but I don’t have the time or money to go get my hair cut in this big ole city. So I’ve resorted to playing with my hair and doing different styles than I normally do (which is down, in a twisty little bun, or with my bangs bobby pinned to the side! So boring.)

There are several ways you can personalize the fishtail braid and make it more unique. This past week I experimented with pinning it up around my head like a headband. What’s even better? The messier it is, the edgier it looks. It looks amazing on tons of different lengths of hair — thick, thin, long, short.

If you want to try this look out, there are tons of youTube tutorials that are incredibly simple.

Here are a some lovely celebs and models rockin’ the fishtail.


Super Bowl Sunday





Madonnas halftime show at the super bowl was phenomenal! Madonna expressed her creativity by changing costumes and dancing. The infamous party rockers aka LMFAO along with Nikki Minaj, MIA and Cee-Lo performed with the queen of pop during half time. MIA made sure to stand out by throwing her middle finger up on live tv — she’s a bad bitch. Well, Happy Super Bowl Sunday! Go Giants!

XXO, ddlash

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Ladies Night #3: I’m a Lady

Happy Thursday!

It’s back to school for those of us living in NYC. I always find myself getting stuck in a lazy and bored mood during long holiday breaks — especially winter break which is the whole month of January. I definitely got stuck in the routine of sleep all morning, work all day, watch netflix all night, annnndd repeat. I cannot wait to plunge back in and get closer to the ultimate goal — graduation and the start of my career!

Here’s one for the ladies!


Lips Worth Lovin’

Let’s be real — I’ve been bit by the love bug. Well, maybe not that love bug. I’m talking bold hues of crimson, soft shades of pink — it’s all about the lips. Even though I may or may not have a Valentine this year, I’m going to go all out for this season of love.

Dolce & Gabbana Passion Duo Gloss Fusion Lipstick is perfect for the occassion — cream + gloss? Don’t mind if I do…

I’m personally loving Delight for day and Infatuation for night.


Happy Tuesday divas

20120131-225628.jpg cheers to you and your happiness – xxo. Ddlash