Oh, Rainy Day

Hey, bellas!

Let there be RAIN. I hope you ladies didn’t forget your umbrella. Fortunately, it’s just a light sprinkle. I went out without my metallic gold umbrella from Target ($12.99 and the best umbrella I’ve ever owned. Definitely not a $5 NYC street umbrella). My mom always jokes that the “umbrellas pop out of the sidewalks” when it rains here. That’s one great thing about living in New York — there will always be a street vendor there to keep you from getting wet when you forget your umbrella.

I would probably bet a good amount of money that people who live in cities own more umbrellas than people who live in rural or suburban areas. If you don’t want to get stuck waiting inside a Duane Reade or a Starbucks for the rain to stop, you’re going to have to buy an umbrella.

I got home a little bit ago after an adventure for cheap finds at thrift stores in Astoria (ps. the Goodwill there is small but probably the best Goodwill I’ve ever stepped foot in. There were so many finds that were actually worth buying — but I passed and only bought something for a little DIY project I’ll be posting about in the coming week!) and I decided to do a little rain prep and search for a fashionable umbrella. Behold — the BELLA UMBRELLA:

How cute are these? Love the shape, the colors it comes in — especially the b&w! They’re so ladylike  and fun. And there are even more colors on the website, umbrellas.net.

Want, want, want.

XXO, DDlash

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