Bohemian Decor

After living in an eclectic city such as New York City for a while, you start to collect random little things — knick knacks, books, pillows, home decor — and nothing really seems to have the same theme. When you put it all together, however, everything comes together in an eclectic mix and just happens to reveal to friends, guests or visitors exactly who you are. Just by looking at someone’s clothing or the space they live in, you can really tell a lot about them.

I love the mismatched but totally functional decor approach. It’s unique, interesting and inspiring to be in a room with a feel of bohemian chic + 90s + whatever era meets your fancy. The things we collect throughout the years may get outdated but they never fail to be a part of us.

Here’s a little inspiration to make your space all you — unique.





XXO, DDlash

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