Gift Guide: Fred Flare

I ❤ Fred Flare, I ❤ Gifts… I ❤ Fred Flare + Gifts.

Here are our top 5 holiday gift items for your boys, girls, momma, papa or whoever you may have on your list this year — available through the wonderous click-and-mortar store, FRED FLARE. Browse on-line or if you’re in the NY area stop by their pop-up shop at Jingle located in Chelsea Market (75 9th Ave) from December 15-23.

1. Fake Tattoo Sleeve ($10) — For your “hipster-wannabe” who’s too scared of the needle.

2. The Hungover Cookbook ($11)– Need I explain? For your friends who have ‘THE BEST NIGHT EVERRR” every night of the week.

3. Scrabble Magnet Set ($15) — For your friends who you feel like you hang out with all the time, but then you realize you only really communicate with them via Words with Friends.

4. Sweet Dreams Cupcake Pillow ($32) — For your foodies who have a few too many crumbs in their sheets from late night snacks in bed.

5. My Wonderful World of Fashion Coloring Book ($20.95) — And we can’t forget about our fashionistas who are still just girls with big dreams and colorful imaginations.

So gather up your list, your credit card and get to

xx, ddlash

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