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Kiss the year away

The other day while i was in ┬áthe city i came a across a Fresh store near square union. my friend mentioned to me that fresh has the lips products. i decided to buy the sugar lip polish and lip treatment. i am addicted to the lip treatment i apply it during the day and it keeps my lips hydrated and smooth.i use the sugar lip polish weekly to remove dead skin cells.over all i am extremely satisfied with the products i am now a “fresh Head”.

Smooth lips are only 2 steps away –

20111230-194551.jpg The sugar lip polish gently exfoliates your lips and removes dead cells;leaving your lips silky smooth.

20111230-194829.jpg the lip treatment has the perfect ingredients that leave your lips smooth and conditioned. Smooth kisses and happy new years from DDlash and staff -xxo

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Pretty Tech

Got an iPad or iPhone for Christmas? The holidays don’t have to be over just yet. Give your gift a gift. Here are a few covers and cases to keep your gadgets looking haute.

Marc Jacobs

Rebecca Minkoff — 12

Rebecca Minkoff


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A Very Madewell Holiday

Check out this Madewell video! Fun and interactive for the holidays!



Come Back Combat

Stay warm and keep your feet dry in style — add a little edge to your step while keeping it weather friendly during these chilly winter months! Available on Amazon.


Chic holiday outfits




20111222-154640.jpg Fabulous outfit ideas for holiday parties . I believe that less is more all you need to do is pair a fabulous dress with fierce pumps an vintage jewels and your fabulously ready for the party . If you want more sparkle wear a sequence dress . XXXO- ddlash


Beat the blues

Feeling stress and getting worn out is common for everyone. If one doesn’t take time out of the day to relax, it can lead to more stress and frustration.


It’s important for one to take time and relax at the end of the day. Here are a few things I do to unwind after a long day:


Clean your room and prepare your bed for a relaxing night. Spray your favorite aroma and dim the lights so you can create a peaceful environment.


Relax in a warm bubble bath and let all your stress wash away.


No matter how bad your day is or how stressed you are, just remember that tomorrow brings a new day. Simply rejoice.


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Rock N Rose






I am so happy I came across Rock N Rose last night while shopping online. It is safe to say that I am obsessed with their collections. My only issue is that I want to buy everything! Everything is so cute and vintage. Over all, R&R’s online store has wonderful accessories for a decent price. You can find out more information at


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Easy like Sunday mornings


Happy Sunday, Fashionistas!! I started my day with a fabulous meal at a cute cafe in manhattan. Now I am off shop and find fabulous outfits for holiday celebrations.

XXXO Ddlash

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Bringing fringe back

I am totally in lust with fringe boots. Particularly Minnetonka fringe boots. But regardless the brand or color fringe boots are a fabulous accessory to bring life to a dull outfit .



20111208-153646.jpg As you can see Kate Hudson looks super cool in her fringe boots.

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Bacon me baby




20111208-153043.jpg silly stocking stuffers . Perfect gift for the prankster/bacon/spam lover in your life –xxo ddlash